Personal Development

Growth can be painful! So we create safe spaces so you can be who
you are while being encouraged toward who you can become.



Being human comes with all sorts of complexities. We all need advocates in our corner for spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Our partners at FODR traverse the transrational portions of life with you—those human experiences that just don’t make sense, that hurt you, or leave you different on the other side.

Through Spiritual Direction, they focus on relationship with God and God’s presence, healing, and love to bring transformation in life. Spiritual Direction creates space to grow in self-awareness, God-awareness, and other-awareness.

Through Counseling, they dive into the wounds, stressors, or difficulties that lay just under the surface of our daily lives. Though just under the surface, these things often fuel our reactions, responses, mood, and view of ourselves. Counseling creates space for us to commune with ourselves... diving into discovery, coping, and healing.

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Burning Heart Workshops

We partner with Burning Heart Workshops to bring together teachers, artists, & trained soul care facilitators and host day long creative workshops and customized retreats.

More opportunities coming soon!