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Converge denver

Whether you work with a computer, a pen, a paintbrush, a camera, or other tool of choice; creating can sometimes be a daunting, lonely pursuit. At Converge, we get that—we get you. That's why we're curating a coworking environment that's collaborative rather than competitive. At Converge you'll find a group of people that inspire you and see the potential in you. Convergers are unusually innovative and love to share their creative energy and expertise.

But wait there’s more…

Whether you create art, business, social programs, goods, services, or something else; your work matters and has the potential to impact culture in significant ways. At Converge, we believe we all were created for a purpose beyond ourselves. So while we work hard at our craft, we also work hard to make a difference in our city and beyond. Convergers share common values in support of people on the margins of our society bringing hope and healing where it’s desperately needed.

But there’s even more…

Our unique space in Denver’s RiNo Art District was designed especially for creatives AND has rental rates solopreneurs, nonprofit startups, artists, and other creative professionals can afford! You can find out more here or if you’re interested in becoming a tenant you can apply now.

Photo by  +Simple  on  Unsplash

Photo by +Simple on Unsplash


Fódr Dinner

Pursuing our better, more transformed selves can’t happen alone especially if we’re looking to transform society. Our partners, the incredible people at FODR, believe the action piece of transformation begins in conversation with others, and what better place for conversation than around the dinner table? FODR provides curated conversational dinners to encourage and empower one another while sharing in the hardest parts of doing this thing called life. Want to have a seat at their next dinner? Join their mailing list.

HOUSE ministry

Gathering around a common table, this group works to live out a progressive Christian faith together. Shared values include communal rhythms & relationships, an inclusive table, culture care, justice & mercy at the margins, and contemplation & action. Gatherings are on the first & third Sunday evenings of the month from 5-7p in homes around the city and always include good food and drink. If you'd like to find out more, send us an email and let's get connected.