We empower creatives to flourish.

Creatives have a unique ability to bring the power of truth, goodness and beauty into our world. Whether they create art, business, social programs, goods, services, or something else – creatives create culture…the culture we live in. Transforming Creatives exists to support creatives in this critical work of culture making. With a focus on growing the whole person – mind, body, soul, and spirit – we provide programs for personal and professional development in the context of purposeful community. Because when creatives flourish we all flourish.


purposeful community

Community is at the core of everything we do at Transforming Creatives. We believe it’s foundational for how we were meant to live as humans. Our communities set a common, inclusive table of support, encouragement, and instruction and invite those who are willing to gather and participate. At this common table, friendships emerge, lifelong partnerships are formed, and a unity of diverse individuals is celebrated. We shape each other for our own and the common good.


Every person has a purpose. We each have the potential to make a life-giving contribution to humanity. At Transforming Creatives, we want to help you discover that purpose and support your journey in it. Whether it’s through mentoring, skill-building workshops, strategic guidance, or simply encouraging you to take a next step; we want to empower your impact on culture and together shape a better future for EVERY member of our society.


Each of us has something inside that aspires. We dream. We reach. We desire. At Transforming Creatives, we support those aspirations with more than just inspiration. We walk the road with you. We provide personal support to help you flourish. Since human flourishing flows from a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit; we offer a variety of programs to designed to help you grow holistically.


Living with an awareness of our abundance rather than with a scarcity mentality opens up a world of support opportunities. At Transforming Creatives, we like to share! Whether that’s through our network of creatives, our event space in the River North Art District, or other resources that benefit those who are marginalized and underserved in our city; we want to help you make a difference.

 Our visioN:
a world transformed for the common good by
an empowered creative community


 Our mission: